Top five environmental tips!

South Bank Churches is a group of local churches committed to helping our community. Here are five tips which we hope will be useful:

1. Walk one street further away
Air quality in this area is worse than the national average. One way to reduce the impact of this is to walk slightly further away from the main road – walking through quieter side streets can reduce the impact of poor air quality by
up to 50%, which is particularly important for children.

2. Reusable cups
Londoners buy over two million cups of takeaway coffee every day. Switching to a reusable cup would be a huge help to reduce the amount of waste – and in many coffee shops you’ll get a discount!

3. Turn off your engine
Engines left running while waiting produce more emissions than cars which are in motion.If you’re waiting for someone, turn off your engine!

4. Paper not plastic
If you really have to use single-use cutlery, crockery or cups, go for recyclable paper instead of plastic!

5. Switch off not standby
Not only does this save the environment, but it’ll save you money – the average household wastes £50 per year by having their TV on standby instead of switching it off!